Insurance One

A Complete Policy Administration System For Life Insurance Business

It is more than an Admin System. Inbuilt Workflows, Rule Engines, Document Management System, ESB, Portals and many more...

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A New Unique Model of Policy Administration System

No Coding. Only Configuration

Generic System with Zero Customization

Build your own Forms with NForms

Make your Workflows of any number

In a Workflow: Add ESB triggers, Call NForms, Execute Rules, Notify, Initiate Tasks and do many more...

Make your own Admin System with fully configurable Nx Framework

Add any number of Modules, Processes, Workflows, Rules, Forms

Connect with external world with ESB


Insurance One Modules for Policy Servicing

Products Processes More Info
Policy Servicing (Financial) Surrender, Revival (Reinstatement) Termination/Cancellation
Policy Terms Alteration Term, Sum Assured
Payment Mode Change Rider Additions/Deletions
Policy Servicing (Fund Management) Fund Switch, Partial Withdrawal (Fund) Top ups, NAV Enquiry
Policy Servicing (Non Financial) Address, Nomination Change, Assignment
Policy Owner Change, Contact Details Change Many More..

Insurance One for Group Policy Servicing

Products Processes More Info
Group Policy Servicing Member Service Addition, Deletion, Alterations
Family Floaters
Bands and Free Cover Limits Salary, Cadre, Grade, Role and many
Auto Renewals 1 Year to Several Years
Experience Rating
Flexible Billing Cycles

Insurance One Modules for New Business

Products Processes More Info
New Business Quotations Pricing and Illustrations
Proposal Login, Proposal Deposit Receipts, Dual Data Entry, De-Dupe
Conversion Short Fall, Concents, Appendix, Annexure, Clauses
Policy Bonds, First Premium Receipts, First Commission

Insurance One Modules for Underwriting

Products Processes More Info
Underwriting Auto Underwriting STP and More Intelligence
Expert Underwriting Medical and Financial Rating
Facultative Underwriting Facultative Shopping
Requirements Management

Insurance One Modules for Claims

Products Processes More Info
Claims Maturity, Survival, Death, Rider, Annuity, Pension Claims
Reinsurance and Opinions
Beneficiary Management
Partial and Full Payouts
Requirements Management

Insurance One Policy Administration

Products Processes More Info
Renewal Notices
Periodical Postings Bonus, NAV, Fund Maintenance
Foreclosures, Forfieture
Maturity, Survival, Annuit Pension Notices
Policy Accounting and Ledger Posting
Policy Status Maintenance Lapse, Inforce, Paidup, Discontinuance

Insurance G Admin System for Group Business

A Powerful Framework that can build Any Application much faster and robust

Its fully configurable

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